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This is a part of a project about "Golden Ratio" , where students from Italy and Romania are working together ……

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To develop the knowledge of artists and historical art movement; to improve the knowledge of visual language; to develop language skills and the use of media and ICT; to develop interactive and productive ways to improve the knowledge among pupils and schools from different European countries; to develop a scientific view and methods with regards to works of art; to encourage pupils to get to know each other and use the Internet as a source of information and means of communication; to develop pupils’ understanding and knowledge of different European countries and cultures and thus overcome their prejudices and become more tolerant; to discover interesting and surprising maths models that can help one to interpret facts and understand real situations, and the usefulness of maths in daily life, in different branches of knowledge; to arise students’ curiosity and interest in Maths, pointing out the fact that it has always been an essential part of man’s culture and development.

Project details
Students perform a series of studies about Golden Ratio, propose and solve problems with it. All material (texts, presentations, movies, etc.) will appear in a collaborative environment. In particular: students16/17 making use of Golden Ratio in Greek and Roman art. Students 17/18 making use of Golden Ratio from Renaissance to XVII century. Students 18/19 will search for Golden Ratio and art of XIX century, they will search for the Golden Ratio and R. Penrose in art of XIX century.

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