Characterization mathematical fractals is based on two essential properties: recursivitatea (re indefinitely on successive levels, the smaller scale, the model-seed, resuming where we recognize just flow Pythagorean) and autosimiiaritatea (likeness, at any step, with its model directory, which makes a part of fractals contain scale reproduction of the entire fractal)
In other news, in mathematics is considered that, in three-dimensional space, a form can have size 0 (point), size 1 (dreptele and curves in general), size 2 (planes and surfaces in general) or size 3 (space)


Creation Unit and likeness macrocosm with microcosm, the universe in its whole of the parts, which can correlate with self-similar property. We know already that the ratio is an expression of Divine Principle correspondence and analogy, which ensure the unity and cohesion of Creation. Tocmai'aceasta is quality or characteristic of a fractal: it is always identical to itself (and also the model of direct, causal), as sum people do, in the image and likeness of God "and the plants, each by way and seed them. Fractals can be most successful stint visual expression, created by man, the unity and harmony, the 'universal flow number "and similarity. Thus, their direct model," seed "can be seen by us (in analog mode) causal idea of things and beings, while the corresponding levels of fractals and recursion reflection and vibration maiiifestarii its specific plans.
An example of fractal always unique equation modeling some processes whose growth and evolution of nature is the famous Mandelbrot fractal. He expressed in mathematical language the natural growth where each step in a harmonic continue previous step, reflecting the unfolding of a single force ideas. Principle specific recursivitatii fractals correspond with the transition from one level to the eel following development, evolution from one octave to the top, so the aivelul microcosm, and in the macrocosm of the event.


We can say, as a coiicluzie, that Nature is a huge gradina.fractala, the thread of sand to galaxies and the butterfly wing in the clouds of heaven. Mountain ridges are themselves miniature mountains, resembles ferigii leaves all over the plant, tree branches full amount similar to the whole tree, sand dunes teaches that everything is quantum, flow, everything grows and evolves in such necessarily always the itself, always in accordance with the possibilities hidden in its print issue, which is reflected appellant manifested in all its aspects. Worth reflects more the wise saying according to which beauty is the expression of need. Indeed, "great book of Nature is written in mathematical symbols", as Galileo Galilei said.

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