Homer story of the golden apple that Zeus sent to Paris to give it to the most beautiful of the goddess, wasn't one of the various golden apples that grew in the garden Hesperides, but it was the one that had written on it "to the most beautiful" .
So, the golden number, he's one of some infinite lot of irrational numbers, but one that today's mathematicians note with the Greek letter "Ø", his original name Fidias, immortal creator of harmony and beauty, perfect balance and proportionality of the forms that he considered to be controlled by the golden number. And if the story of extraordinary events which caused the golden apple, thrown by Eris, goddess of discord, to the table of gods,who was not invited, it was over for many millenniums, the number of gold story, so people passing by who love art and mathematics and is continuing today, although it began, perhaps, all the time, because the number of gold is an express of law of living matter, and people instinctively knew it before you have established the identity.

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