Human Body

Human hand has 5 fingers, each finger has 3 phalanx joints separated by 2 (numbers in sequence). Average sizes are falangelor: 2cm, 3cm, 5cm. In continuation is a bone of the hand which has an average of 8 cm.

Human face is characterized in terms of estetitc through several dimensions: The distance between the eyes, distance between eyes and mouth and nose and the distance between the eyes, mouth size. Aesthetics in science is appreciated that the girl is even considered more pleasant to the eye these dimensions to observe the Fibonacci sequence better.

Fibonacci numbers to be considered, in fact, the counting of nature, a way of measuring divinity. These numbers occur everywhere in nature, starting from the leaf arrangement of the petals of a flower templates and reaching falangele human hand. Peezentate pictures and descriptions can be arguments of these statements, testimonies of this fascinating sequence of Fibonacci numbers.

Man is structured divine proportion

All cultures and spiritual traditions have always sought to discover the canon of human perfection. We are heirs of many visions and concepts relating to the harmony of human being. Sages have found but, above all, this model of perfection in beauty and harmony of mind, those that allow man to become truly 'measure of all things "after the famous phrase of Greek Protagoras.' And God created man his own image, says Genesis, first book of Moses. Univer ¬ sal man in which this utterance, the Christian doctrine of Christ, Adam Kadmon of the Kabbalistic tradition, is even seen as a person divine macrocosm manifest, therefore, all the qualities and heavenly Father. Good, truth and beauty are divine being fully awakened to

In turn, the soul of every man hiding in the potential of this face divine, whose lead in acquiring the full revelation neasemuitei Frumuseti spiritual. Thus, man carries in his treasure deep perfection, order, harmony, proportion and symmetry of the divine. It was still looking and outward signs, body of these beauties, tangible evidence of the omnipresence of the Divine Proportion, as an expression of Great Power Cosmic Tripura Sundari.

Not by chance, hermetistul Agrippa von Netteseheim (1486-1535) said, 'Man, work and complete choice that God created it, have a more harmonious body than all other creatures and in him all the numbers ingemaneaza all measures, all weights, movements, elements […] are touched by this sublime work perfectiuneaf …] There is not even a single component of the human that does not have in the world of divine ideas, mail or: a celestial sign, a star , an idea-force, a name of God. Human body shape is an expression of completeness. "

Ancient eel known symbol of the number of Gold in the human body is the navel, a microcosm reflecting Omphalosului, called the new and old,, Navel of the Earth”.


Only after the Renaissance, when oral transmission was about to die, this knowledge began to be revealed in a required wider insa'din increasingly poor their metaphysical core. History has preserved the names of some of connoisseurs ancient secret: Pythagoras, Plato, Vitruvius, etc.. Canonical figures of Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer were but those who have submitted today to the ancient idea of body perfection.

They reveal us that, semniflcativ, navel divides the human body maltimea Gold Report (a fact noted by all curiosii statistical and a range satisfying). Meanwhile, the pelvic area, connections with the Earth element, lower extremity octave symbolic 1-2, divided maltimea half. Observe the symbolic connotations: Earth corresponds to four, square, but his two, dejos end of the octave, the primary division matrix. It is known that, at birth, the navel is placed at half height, and then to move, with maturation, to the point of division as harmonic, is given by the ratio of gold. This evokes the idea of moving from state primary duality in a relationship, the proportion of Divine Unity, as the assimilation experience of life, in order to proclaim then:

“I'm Not-that-connects and reintegrating, I’am Gold navel of the universe.”


It was found statistically between the lengths of phalanges hand close and Fibonacci's series, even if in practice the relationship is not always rise to the Golden Number, the principle of growth identical to itself and preserves the shape is very well ogliiidit decreasing length of the phalanges or skeletal segments.


Human face and she enrolls in a statistically symmetrical model: Dom non-Romanian French presents a sketch reveals a network of Gold Reports . He inscribed face (as Golden Ellipse) in a Golden Rectangle and indicates harmonic divisions are determined by biize, nose, eyes and forehead. Observation that
most beautiful eye refers to Pine: the figure, EFHG is a square with four equal quarters OCFR. OCR is a right isosceles triangle and the Golden Triangle OCS 'reprezintajumatate the esoteric section of the pyramid and remember that the pyramid is inscribed in a Golden Semielipsa, its tip being included in the focus of the ellipse, OS' = OC√φ.

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