Valcea Monastery


The county of Vâlcea lays in the central southern area of Romania, and stretches along the middle basin of the river Olt, south from the Meridional Carpathians.The county is crossed by the 45th parallel, in latitude North and by meridian 24 degrees in longitude East, covering 5,705 square kilometres, that is 3.4 percent of the total territory is covered by woods of oak, beech, coniferous trees and other forest vegetation. The region has a temperate-continental climate, with slight Mediterranean influences.
In North, mountains make the dominant landscape, with heights of over 2,200 metres altitude. The Mountains Căpăţânei and Cozia surround the basin of Loviştea. The North of the county includes part of the Făgăraş and Lotrului Mountains, while its southern and central territory is represented by plateaus and hills, of 400 to 800 metres altitude. Hills and valleys offer an adequate land for agriculture, while mountain grazing fields are favourable to livestock breeding. The land is rich in water courses, as precipitations reach a yearly level of 600 to 1,200 mm. The river Olt, one of the widest in Romania, stretches on 130 km along the entire territory of Vâlcea and collects the waters of many streams and sources. Their rich constant flow allowed for the development of a strong hydro-energetic network, especially on the rivers of Olt and Lotru.


The industry of the county has a wide range of social and economic priorities: chemistry, machinery, mining, oil drilling and natural gas exploitation, timber processing, industry and civil engineering, light and food industry.


Sports activities cover almost all ranges of disciplines. The most attractive are athletics, basketball, volleyball, football, and handball. There are 15 professional sports clubs running in this part of the country, comprising 70 disciplines and over 100 trainers. “Oltchim Râmnicu Vâlcea” is the most popular sports club. The women’s handball team has won 12 times the Romanian Championship, 12 times the Romanian Cup and it has 2 EHF trofees and one of the European SuperCup. Many players are also nationals, which justifies the huge success of one of the most powerful teams of the kind in Europe.


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